Albert Lane “Bert” Hearne


BIRTH: 25 November 1888
Kiama, NSW
DEATH: 15 March 1924 "Crescent" Minto, NSW
DEATH: 15 March 1924
"Crescent" Minto, NSW

OCCUPATION: Traveller, 1913

RESIDENCE: "Crescent" Minto, NSW, 1913


  • Buccaneers (Canterbury) RU 1902 (Wildman)?
  • Rookwood Orlando RU (Hearne) 1903?
  • St Annes Homebush RU 1905, 1906 (B. Hearne and E. Hearne)
  • Stanmore Kiora RU August 1906 (B. Hearne and E. Hearne)
  • Carlton RU (St George District) 1909 (A. Hearne)
  • Wests RU First Grade 1910 (B. Hearne)
  • Wests RU First Grade 1912 May 4, (A. Hearne), 1913 25 May, (B. Hearne)
  • Wests RL First Grade 1912 Hearn
  • Glenfield Cricket Club 1919
  • Minto RL 1919
  • Southern Districts JRL v South Coast RL 1919
  • Campbelltown Kangaroos RL 1920, 1922 (A. Hearne) (B. Hearne)


There is only very limited information on the player with the surname of Hearn(e). He played the one First Grade game with Wests in 1912. There is no first name or initial recorded on the Wests Heritage List. It is not clear whether the surname was spelled or recorded correctly.

A search of public records was undertaken to try and find likely candidates having the various forms of the surname Hearn/Hearne. The result of this search did not identify any person with the name of Hearn that might have played for Wests.

There were some possible candidates with the name Hearne. Three brothers, Reg, Cecil, and Eric Hearne played with the Sydney Rugby Union Club around this time. However these men had no association with the Western Suburbs district.

So who was Albert “Bert” Hearne?

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