Western Suburbs DRLFC First Grade 1942
L to R: A McGuiness, R Campbell, J Piper, W Taylor, F McKean, C Lynch, N Parkinson, B Thompson, B Brown, C Rice, W Brown, C Fewtrell, C McLaurin

The hope from the previous year that the war would soon be over, and players would be able to resume a normal life, would not happen for some years to come. The reality of the situation was evident by the start of 1942.

At Wests Annual General meeting in February of that year, it was noted that “the nation’s call has been so responded to, that at this juncture it is problematic as to whether teams of all grades can be fielded this season. Your Committee, however, feel that we should prepare and await in readiness.”

Wests, along with all First Grade Rugby League clubs, did battle on and played out the 1942 season with all its uncertainty and concerns. For Wests, 1942 was a low point with the First-Grade team taking out the wooden spoon. But better was to come for both Wests and the nation in a few short years.


Western Suburbs DRLFC President’s Cup/Inter District Squads – 1942

Western Districts:
L Rigby, K Gardner, J Napier, W Sewart, J Gilligan, B Ross, E Barnier, J Riley, J Clegg, R Garner, J McMahon, E Roche, E Pidgeon, W Johnson, J Sewart, C Graham, W Woodwin, W North, N Croghan, L Goodwin, L Peel, J Hall, F Myers, H Burke, K Reddan, G Jones, S Fornan, R Kneaves, M Wilson, A Perkins, B Page, S Fornari

 Western Suburbs:
G Edmonds, Three-quarters: F Madden, K Summerville (VC), F Yanz, R Mansfield, Five-eighth: A Dodson, Half-back: R Moore, Forwards: R Moir (C), Bruyeres, R Stewart, A Wells, J Holborrow, F Powell, Reserves: F Smith, McManus, Jackson, J Green



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