Western Suburbs DRLFC First Grade 1940
L to R: Albert McGuiness, Bill Keato, Jack Tisdale, Harry Allen, Bruce Brown, Ted Mewton, Jack Whitehurst, Cal Lynch, Fred McKean, Jack Piper, Don Gulliver, Ken Lock, Max Gray (Captain)

Jim Craig moved on after the 1939 season and 1940 saw the return of Max Gray as Coach of the First-Grade team. Max was a local junior who could be a dynamic player, but he forged an even greater reputation as a Coach and leader. He was in great demand by Country towns seeking fame and glory from the success of their football teams. Max tended to only stay for one season wherever he went but was such an enigmatic character that he would be welcomed back at any time.

Max Gray looked to be a perfect fit for Wests, but it wasn’t to be as Wests finished with the wooden spoon with three wins, two of which were achieved in the first two rounds of the competition.

There was further agitation during the season to take the game further west to the Parramatta District, with two games being sponsored by the NSW Rugby League. There had been rumblings for some time regarding the establishment of a District Club at Parramatta, but the move in 1940 came to nothing as there was little interest and support at the time. Further moves on this front would not come about until after the end of the Second World War.

 The war had an impact on all sporting organisations with many up-and-coming young players enlisting, and by 1940 finding themselves in the Middle East. In Wests 1940 Annual Report it was noted that; – “To those of our members who have joined up with the forces we extend congratulations, with the fervent hope that they will be spared to once again resume their place in the side when the ‘Full Time’ whistle blows, and the world again subsides into peaceful normality.”

Western Suburbs DRLFC President’s Cup /Inter District Squads

 Western Suburbs:
Fullback: W Penney (Liverpool), Three-quarters: J Beckett (Cabramatta), S Cooke (Homebush), Ron Ridley (Ashfield), Ron Hill (Homebush), Halves: F Dunleavey (Ashfield), A Bosley (C) (Liverpool), Forwards: L Clancy (Homebush), P Reid (Fairfield), M Flattery (Homebush), F Holloway (Ashfield), A Lennon (Ashfield), J Brady (VC) (Ashfield), Reserves: R Wells (Cabramatta), N Dixon (Cabramatta), A Bush (Homebush), T O’Brien (Cabramatta), J Thompson (Homebush)

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