Wests had its Kangaroo contingent back for 1934 and 1933 soon became a distant memory. With a combination of seasoned players and a pool of talented young players, Wests were a well-balanced team in 1934. It was a relatively stable side as well with only twenty-three players used in First Grade throughout the season and thirteen of these played twelve or more First Grade games.

Frank McMillan was the Captain/Coach in 1934 and received all of the accolades. However, the Rugby League News speculated that Jim Craig had some influence in the success of the team, which was clearly rejected by Wests at the time.

Nevertheless, there may have been some lessons learned from Jim Craig’s coaching methods from a few years earlier as Wests’ defence throughout the year placed it in a great position to win tight matches and achieve overall success. Wests only had two losses throughout the season.

Remarkably, eight Wests players were selected for the Combined City squad that played Combined Country the week after the Grand Final was played. City won 32-29.

Western Suburbs DRLFC First Grade Premiers – 1934

Back: Les Mead, Vince Sheehan, Jack McConnell, Alan Blake, Bob Lindfield, Frank Sponberg, Unidentified, Stan Tancred
Middle: Alan Ridley, Vic Hey, Max Gray, Frank McMillan, Alan Brady, Charlie Cornwell, Cliff Pearce, Clarrie Prentice, Roy Liston, H Moxham
Front: L White (Ball Boy)
Source: State Library NSW

Western Suburbs DRLFC First Grade Premiers – 1934

Back L to R: L Mead, H Hudson (Vice President), R Shaw (Comm), E Jones (Junior League), D Robertson (Vice President), A McGuiness
Third Row: W Kelly (Trainer), E Mead, (Selector), R Potter (Vice President), L Chambers (Vice President), C McFadyen (Trainer), C Prentice (Selector), W Finegan (Selector), R Vest (Selector), H Lee (Trainer)
Second Row: J Rubinson (Vice President), A Brady, V Sheehan, M Gray, C Cornwell, S Tancred, R Hines, A McDonald, R Liston (Vice President)
Sitting: H Moxham, (Treasurer), A Ridley, F Sponberg, L Plasto (Patron), F McMillan, E McFadyen (President), J McConnell, A Blake, J White (Secretary)
Front: R Lindfield, L White (Ballboy), R Hancock
Missing: V Hey, J Craig (Del), C Elliott (Reserve Grade Secretary), W Knight (Third Grade Secretary), J Adam (VP)

Western Suburbs DRLFC Reserve Grade 1934

Back: R Vest (Coach), W Knight (3rd Grade Secretary), R Shaw (Comm), L Chambers (Vice President), H Moxham (Treasurer), J White (District Secretary) C Prentice (Selector), W Finegan (Selector), C Elliott (Reserve Grade Secretary)
Standing: R Potter (Vice President), S Shaw (Trainer), J Hartwell, H Hannan, R Hines, A Smith, D Murray, A Armstrong (Trainer), R Liston (Vice President)
Sitting: R Hancock, G Sherry, R Knight, R Shepherd (Captain), B Green (Vice Captain), A McDonald, C Deegan
Front: L Frappell, A Gray, W McLeod, L White (Ball Boy), J Sharman, J Foster, A McGuiness

Western Suburbs DRLFC Third Grade 1934

Back: C Elliott (Res Grade Secretary), R Shaw (Committee), L Chambers (Vice President), H Moxham (Treasurer), J White (District Secretary), C Prentice (Selector), W Finegan (Selector)
Standing: R Potter (Vice President), S Shaw (Trainer), H Hannan, R Eldridge, R Liston (Coach), J Graham, D Murray, A Armstrong (Trainer), W Knight (3rd Grade Secretary)
Sitting: R Ackling, F Brighton, J Carrington, S O’Neill (Captain), R Driver, R Knight, W Wheeler
Front: T Kelly, O Norman, L White (Ball Boy), J Foster, A Gray

Western Suburbs DRLFC President’s Cup/Inter District Squads – 1934

 Western Suburbs President’s Cup:

Fullback: A Gray, Three -quarters: F Banner, F Gauvin, J Cobcroft, R Atkins, Halves: K Bush, J Knox, Forwards: R Ackling, F Brighton, E Maskell, A Smith, S Frappell, W Wheeler, Reserves: L Twaddell, A Peadon

 Western Districts President’s Cup:

F Walkington (Richmond), H O’Connor (Blacktown), J Graham (C) (Toongabbie), H Nolan (Penrith), H Cameron (Blacktown), J Buckley (Parramatta United), J Cownie (Blacktown), G Williams (Parramatta United), H Cook (Blacktown), S Keyes (Pendle Hill), S Hourigan, (Parramatta United), A Docker (Parramatta United), E Darlington (Penrith), T Ivory (Penrith) F Plunkett (Blacktown)

Southern Districts President’s Cup:

Fullback: M Behan (Regents Park), Three-quarters: F Thorne (Liverpool), A Jones (Regents Park), J Wonson (Campbelltown), F Noland (Auburn), H White (Berala), A Glancy (Lidcombe), Halves: K O’Born (Liverpool), W Bailey (Berala), Forwards: R Allison (Lidcombe), R Smythe (Lidcombe), A Patrick (Lidcombe), T Parkes (Lidcombe), J Hancock (Liverpool), W Tighe (Regents Park), E Thorne (Lidcombe)

Wests (Southern Districts) Presidents Cup team won the final in 1934.

Southern Districts (Western Suburbs) President’s Cup Winners 1934

Back: W Tighe, R Smythe, T Parkes, Jack Thompson (Coach), ?, A Davis, J Wonson
Middle: Phil Lake (Comm), G Hannan (Comm), A Patrick, ?, P Murphy, ?, ?, R Allison, H Gray (Treas), J Merrion (Comm)
Front: A Glancy, Tom Kelly, Arthur Ross (Sec), F Thorne, R Potts (Pres), W Bailey, A Jones
Unidentified Players: Max Behan, L Connel, Jack Hancock F Noland, K O’Born, E Thorne, H White

In 1934, even Wests’ juniors received attention. The B Grade Final was played at the Sydney Sports Ground between Homebush and Ashfield, two of Wests powerhouse junior Clubs. Roy Ainsworth (Homebush) and Ron Martin along with Phil Cooper (Ashfield) went on to play First Grade.

Wests Officials 1934

Back: Roy Liston, Jack Rubinson, W Knight
Front: L to R: H Moxham, W Finegan, E McFayden, J White, C Prentice


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