After Wests’ success in taking out the 1930 premiership, hopes were high for a repeat performance but 1931 turned out to be an odd season on a number of fronts. Eastern Suburbs were by far the most dominant team during the competition but were beaten by Wests in the semi-final and then lost to Souths in the Grand Final Challenge. Easts had a far superior for and against record than any other team and only two teams scored more points for than points conceded. One of these teams was Newtown which finished second last on the competition ladder.

Wests defeated the eventual premiers, South Sydney, twice during the competition rounds and inflicted one of the two losses that Easts had during the preliminary rounds. Wests faltered at the final hurdle losing to second and third last placed teams Newtown and Balmain in the last two competition rounds. The most notable feature of Wests’ season was the points conceded during the competition rounds. Wests conceded 227 points in 1931 compared to 130 in 1930. It could be argued that at least in part this was due to the loss of Jim Craig who had sharpened up Wests’ defence in the 1929 and 1930 seasons.

However, Wests did make the semi-finals for the third consecutive year and try scoring sensation and Kangaroo Alan Ridley made his debut for the Club along with Wests’ stalwart Bert Green and the well-travelled William “Hoot” Ryan.

Western Suburbs DRLFC First Grade – Finalists 1931
Back: H Cameron, C Cant, C Rhodes, K Sherwood, C Pearce, A Ridley,
Front: C Cornwell, B Green, H Owen, W Brogan, F Matterson, R Lindfield, A Brady


Western Suburbs DRLFC Reserve Grade Semi Finalists 1931

Back: S Shaw (Trainer), K Sherwood, J White (District Secretary), N Matterson (Selector), L Chambers (President), W Finegan (Selector), W Knight (3rd Grade Secretary), H Breakwell (Vice President), C McFayden (Head Trainer)
Standing: C Elliott (Reserve Grade Secretary), W Willis, B Green, C Wrench, J McConnell, H Rigby, L Midson, C Matterson (Vice President)
Sitting: R Liston (Vice President), R McMillan, W McFadden, J Rosa, V Hughes (Captain), L Roberts, R Davis, H McCarthy, J Dunn (Vice President)
Front: J G Kelly, C McKevitt (Ball Boy), W Ryan,

Absent: C Anderton, F Spillane, F Reece, W Carpenter, A Leslie, N Booth, N Johnson

Western Suburbs DRLFC Third Grade 1931

Back: W Kelly (Trainer), H Breakwell (Vice President), K Sherwood, J McConnell, J White (District Secretary), W Finegan (Selector), S Shaw (Trainer)
Standing: N Matterson (Selector), L Chambers (President), W Barnes, J Horder, R Liston (Coach), W Willis, L Midson, C Elliott
Sitting: S Gaskill, N Allen, F Stephens, H McCarthy, W McFadden, T Stanton, E Johnson
Front: J G Kelly, C McKevitt (Ball Boy), W Knight (3rd Grade Secretary), G Johnson
Absent: J P Kelly (Captain), R Murley  

Western Suburbs President’s Cup /Inter District Squads

Canterbury Bankstown won the President’s Cup competition in 1931. Canterbury Bankstown was one of four President’s Cup teams playing in the Western Suburbs district at the time. They remained under Wests’ jurisdiction until Canterbury Bankstown joined the Sydney First Grade competition in 1935.

Canterbury Bankstown President’s Cup Team – Premiers 1931
Back: W Burn, W Porter, W Howes, J Acheson,
Centre: F Sponberg, C W Meredith (Vice Captain), A Griffiths, C Stone,
Front: F Hermann, E Chapman, T Carey (Captain), H J Browne, H Brown
Absent: E Cummins, F Spring, J Taylor

Southern Districts

L Fisher, Tisdale, H West, Hackett, Walker, B J Devitt, D Collins, Watt, Maker, Wheeler, H Hannan, Gwynne, V Hey, Gilligan, H Pierce, S Hull, R Cooper, R Palmer, W Kennedy, P O’Malley, M Gradowiski (Gray), R Lehman, K Locke, B Barnard, H Clancy, R Kell

Canterbury Bankstown

Mortimer, Prestridge, Neary, Carroll, H Brown, A Hill, Perry, Hall, W Porter, Johnstone, Wickens, Sprouster, C Hill, W Burn, W Howes, J Acheson, F Sponberg, C W Meredith, A Griffiths, C Stone, F Hermann, E Chapman, T Carey, H J Browne, E Cummins, F Spring, J Taylor

Western Suburbs

L Meredith, Fuller, T Gilmore, S Tancred, Michell, W Jones, Mansfield, F Doran, P Quayle, A Blake, Short, J Conley, D Murray, J Dempsey, H Richards, P Kenane, F Banner, T Ezart, A Cooper, G Tolley, F Muncaster, L Frappell

Western Districts

Britton, F O’Connor, W Douglas, H O’Connor, J Graham, Locke, S O’Neill, V Coppo, MacDonald, Groves, R Reed, Fitzgerald, S Cook, L Marlin, J Reid, G May, H Cameron, J White, C Graham, F Buckland, F Teale, G Reid, S Carr,  J Cruickshank, E Rixon

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