In 1926, the NSWRL determined that each District Club would be required to field a Reserve and Third Grade team, and affiliated Third Grade teams would be abolished. Up until this time, Clubs did not field a Third-Grade team in some years.  Some of the strong inner-City Clubs had fielded affiliated Third Grade teams which gave them consistent playing strength. Notwithstanding the NSWRL edict, affiliated Third Grade clubs were still in existence in 1929, with Wests having Western Suburbs United and Granville in its District.

By 1926, Wests had a strong junior platform. Even though the number of teams had declined in the traditional Western Suburbs Junior District, there were still good numbers in the Southern and Western Districts to draw from. The age limit for President’s Cup players was also raised from 21 years to 23 years.

Wests 1926 ist grade

Western Suburbs DRLFC First Grade 1926 (Photo Taken at Forbes, NSW)

Back Row: F Yanz, E Courtney, J Parsons, F Matterson, J Drew
Standing: R Liston, E. Doig, C McFayden (Trainer), F Spillane, F McMillan (Captain), N Matterson, W McPherson, R Lindfield
Sitting: A Latta (Aust. Selector), E McFayden (Secretary), H Moxham (Treasurer)
Front Row: C Bellamy, C Fifield, T Redmond, J Brien, J Holmes


Western Suburbs DRLFC Reserve Grade 1926

Back L to R: C McFayden (Trainer), E Wheldon, C Bellamy, H Owens, C Matterson, J Thompson, W Kelly (Trainer)
Middle: G Dawson (Coach), C Rhodes, G Cameron, E Courtney, B Court, C Flint, E Brotherton, A Spankie
Front: A Smith (Ass Secretary), A Ward, J Peterson, F Sherwood (Captain), J Holmes, J Cook, C Elliott (Delegate)
Inset: R Wheldon (left), W Barclay (right)

Western Suburbs DRLFC Reserve Grade 1926

Back L to R: J McCabe, E Brotherton, W McPherson, D Newbould, W Hudson, E Mead
Standing: A Osmond, H Moxham (Treasurer), C McFayden (Trainer), H Murphy, G Lindfield, J Matterson, W Kelly (Trainer), C Elliott (Delegate), W Knight (Secretary)
Sitting: H Hudson (President), H Ross, A Bartley, W McCabe (Captain), R Morris, A Ward, E McFayden (District Secretary)
Front: G Mason, R Knight (Line Boy), F Harpley

Western Suburbs DRLFC President’s Cup Squads – 1926

Southern Districts

Fullback: C Sharpe (Fairfield), Three-quarters: D Hey (Fairfield), H Rae (Liverpool), G Bennett (C) (Fairfield), T McMullen (Campbelltown), Five-eighth: B Smith (Liverpool), Halves: G Bowtell (Fairfield), H Hamer (Liverpool) (one to be omitted), Forwards: G Cameron (Fairfield), N Tisdale (Fairfield), R Lewis (Campbelltown), C Britten (Fairfield), C Cole (Campbelltown), G Johnson (Fairfield), Reserves: F Sedgwick (Campbelltown), S Palmer (Fairfield)

Canterbury Bankstown

Fullback: S Marcantelli, Three-quarters: S Brotherton, A Graham, T Gilmore, A Whitehall, A Marcantelli, H Plumridge, Halves: G Mason, F Barnes, Forwards: R Hibbard, A Fletcher, B Wickens, S Davis, W Johnson, L Morrison, M Pepper, J Lean

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