Western Suburbs DRLFC – First Grade 1924

Back L to R: F McCauley, E Stapleton, N Matterson, J Mansted, F Matterson, F McMillan
Middle: H Moxham (Treasurer), W Knight (Committee), A. Armstrong (Trainer), C McFayden (Trainer), C Elliott (Ass. Secretary)
Sitting: E McFayden (Secretary), E Courtney Junior, E Courtney Senior, C Prentice (Captain), F Lane, E Mead (Delegate)
Front: G L Stettler
Missing: W Collins, F Yanz, L Yanz, J Drew, E Doig

The 1924 season was full of expectations after a reasonably successful 1923. Wests appointed its first non-playing Coach in Albert Johnston, who had formerly played with the Club and who had a wealth of experience.

Wests picked up a couple of experienced players from Newtown in Joe Mansted and Fred Elliott, and Wests juniors Frank Matterson, Edward Courtney junior and Frank McCauley all made their First-Grade debut in 1924. There was also the changing of the guard with the retirement of Tedda Courtney senior at age 39, who had been playing First Grade rugby league since 1908. Tedda Courtney senior had the honour of playing in a Wests First Grade team with his son in 1924.

The season itself was made up of eight competition rounds of which Wests won four and lost four. Wests finished in equal 3rd position with Glebe and St George on the competition table but had the better for and against so effectively ended in 3rd position. In the competition rounds, Wests scored 130 points while conceding 103 points. The second half of the season was made up of five City Cup matches from which Wests won one and lost four. It was a middle of the road result and Wests would have been disappointed that the season didn’t deliver more.

At the Annual General Meeting in March 1924, Life Membership was bestowed on Ted Mead, Claude McFayden, Tedda Courtney, William Joass, Ernie McFayden and Charlie Elliott in recognition to their continuous service to the Club.

Also at the Annual General Meeting, Honour Caps were presented to H. J. Leddy, C. W. Prentice, W. Collins, R. Vest, H. Gilbert, A. McPherson, C. Tye, A. White, and W. Easterbrook, all of whom had represented the Club in 50 or more matches.

Western Suburbs DRLFC – Reserve Grade 1924

Back L to R: A Johnston (Coach), N Legge (Ambulance), F Elliott, R Lindfield, E Mead (Delegate), W Knight (Committee), J Rhodes, E Devine, H Moxham (Treasurer), C Elliott (Ass. Secretary)
Middle: A McLean, R Buckley, W Carpenter, C Schofield, A Smith (Captain), J Parsons, C Bellamy, C Gilbert, R Ives
Front: W Barclay (Trainer), C Searle, R H Buckley, W McCabe, M Clarke, J Brien, W Kelly (Trainer)

Western Suburbs DRLFC President’s Cup Squads – 1924

Southern Districts

J Banks, C Heager (Liverpool), F. Sedgwick, A. Hook, R. Lewis (Campbelltown), W McPherson, Harrison, J Muir, O’Neill (Guildford), D Hey, G Cameron, G Bowtell, C Britton, B Hamilton, A Marsh (Fairfield), Pinkerton, Whiteman and Tynan (Camden), T Cleary, R Barrett, Andrews, D O’Connor, D McGuinness


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