William Henry Thrussell


BIRTH: 28 April 1884
Sydney, NSW
DEATH: 16 November 1939 Randwick, NSW
DEATH: 16 November 1939
Randwick, NSW

OCCUPATION: Confectioner

RESIDENCE: Crown Lane, Darlinghurst, NSW


  • Newtown RL 1909
  • Wests RL First Grade 1909


William Thrussell was not a Western Suburbs player. He was one of four Newtown Reserve Grade players “borrowed” by Wests in the last Round of 1909. Wests went to the game with nine players and lost Bill Elliott with injury during the game.

A news article from the Referee newspaper on 11 August 1909 records that;

“Western Suburbs were short-handed, several of their men being ill with influenza. They have been a plucky team, and deserve credit for the manner in which they have come up each week under adverse conditions.”

This was the one and only game played for Wests by William Thrussell. Also see Wests # 51, # 52 and #54.

William H. Thrussell became involved with the Sydney Rugby League Club in 1911. He supported the application for the Sydney Club to enter the First Grade competition in 1912. He was part of a five man delegation that included Dally Messenger, Larry O’Malley, T. Johns and Tom Doyle (Wests #54).

William Thrussell’s first cousin was Albert Worthing Thrussell who was a foundation member of the Country Rugby League.  A W Thrussell was a member of the NSW Rugby League General Committee  for a number of years. He was also the manager of the first Country team to visit Sydney under Country Rugby League administration.

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