Reuben Robert Tremain


BIRTH: 7 May 1885
Bathurst, NSW
DEATH: 23 June 1966 Wyong, NSW
DEATH: 23 June 1966
Wyong, NSW

OCCUPATION: Miller, 1913

RESIDENCE: Church St Harris Park, NSW, 1913


  • Bathurst RU 1906, 1908, 1912
  • Country RU 2nds
  • NSW RU v Queensland RU 1908
  • NSW RU v Queensland RU Second XV 1908
  • NSW RU v New Zealand Maoris RU 1913 (2 games)
  • Western District RU 1906, 1908, 1909, 1911
  • Western District RU v Great Britain RU 1908
  • Country RU v City RU 1909
  • Bathurst RU General Committee 1912
  • Bathurst RU Delegate to Union 1912
  • Wests RU First Grade 1912, 1913
  • Wests RU Selector 1913
  • Wests RL First Grade 1914


Reuben Tremain came from a well known family that lived in Bathurst NSW. He played his junior football in that town rising through the ranks and representing Bathurst, Western District, Country Rugby Union, and NSW. At his farewell at Bathurst in 1912, he was described as one of Bathurst’s leading footballers.

Reuben Tremain’s grandfather emigrated from England in the 1850’s with his family and made their way to Bathurst NSW where they established Tremain’s Mill. The Mill which processed wheat to flour was operated by generations of the family up until 1980. The Mill is still standing in Bathurst NSW but has now been turned into a museum, commercial space, and accommodation. In 1893, the Tremain family also established a butter factory in Bathurst.

Reuben came to Sydney to work in one of the mills in the Granville district about 1912. He played rugby union with the Western Suburbs Club in 1912 and 1913. In 1914 he switched across to play rugby league with Wests. While Reuben had an exemplary rugby union career, he only played the one First Grade game with Wests. There is no further record of him playing grade football.

Reuben Tremain died at Wyong, NSW in June 1966.

  Tremain Brothers Victoria Flour Mill Bathurst, NSW

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