Clarence Henry Noel Booth


BIRTH: 14 November 1908
Lithgow, NSW
DEATH: 2 June 1978 Lewisham, NSW
DEATH: 2 June 1978
Lewisham, NSW

OCCUPATION: Laborer, 1930, 1933, 1943, 1972

RESIDENCE: Gordon St Campsie, NSW, 1930; Albert St Erskineville, NSW, 1933; Fred St Lewisham, NSW, 1943, 1972


  • Western Suburbs RL (Newcastle) 1927, 1928
  • Wests RL First Grade 1929, 1930
  • Wests RL 2nd Grade 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932
  • Wests RL 3rd Grade 1930, 1932


Player #275 is recorded as Noel Booth. He played rugby league in Newcastle, NSW before joining Wests in 1929.

A search was undertaken to identify this player but nothing was found to confirm the name Noel Booth. It was known that in 1932 he was 24 years of age which gave him a birth date of 1907 or 1908. There was no Noel Booth born in those years.

Wests Archive was contacted by Tony McCarron who researches NSW rugby league players as a hobby. Tony indicated that the 1930’s boxer, Al Booth, was also referenced as a Wests rugby league player.

It was eventually concluded that the true identity of this player was Clarence Henry Noel Booth. He was also recorded on electoral rolls in the 1930’s as Henry Noel Booth. As a boxer he fought under the name of Al Booth and as a rugby league player he was known as Noel Booth.

Why he adopted different names throughout his life is unknown, but for the purpose of this record he is referred to as Noel Booth. This is his story.





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