Lewis Robert Duff


BIRTH: 15 June 1887
Granville, NSW
DEATH: 28 March 1962 Auburn, NSW
DEATH: 28 March 1962
Auburn, NSW

OCCUPATION: Slaughterman

RESIDENCE: Ann St Lidcombe, NSW 1930



Lewis Duff’s grandfather, also Lewis Duff, originally settled at Hartley Vale at the foot of the Blue Mountains before moving higher up the mountain to Katoomba where he ran a dairy farm.

His grandfather was a prominent member of that community, becoming Mayor of Katoomba on a number of occasions.

His parents moved to the Western Suburbs and settled in the Granville/Lidcombe area. The move was probably related to work opportunities with a number of family members employed in the meat production industry. The major Sydney Abattoirs were located at Homebush.

Lewis’s father, William, appeared to be active in local sport, with a W. Duff being elected to the Committee, at different times, of both Wests Rugby Union and Wests Rugby League.

Lewis Duff died at Auburn, NSW in 1962

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