Ernest Francis “Frank” Healey

Australia Military Forces


BIRTH: 31 August 1885
Parish of Aldate, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
DEATH: 9 August 1928 "Langi" Bridge St Lane Cove, NSW
DEATH: 9 August 1928
"Langi" Bridge St Lane Cove, NSW

OCCUPATION: Painter and Letterer (Sign Writer)

RESIDENCE: Short St Summer Hill, NSW, 1905; Bruce St West Kogarah, NSW 1914


  • St Andrews Institute (Ashfield) RU 1905, 1907 (Healey)
  • Fullerton Memorial RU 1907, (H. Healey) most likely brother Harold Healey
  • Wests RL 2nd Grade 1908, 20 June (Healy)
  • Wests RL 2nd Grade 1909, 24 April (Healey), 1 May (Healey), 15 May (F. Healy), 22 May (F. Healey) (Healy), 29 May (F. Healy), 10 July (Healy),
  • Wests RL 2nd Grade 1910, 28 May, 13 August (Healey), 20 August (Healey)
  • Wests RL First Grade 1910, 27 August, 3 September (Healey), 10 September (Healey)


Frank Healey played rugby league with Wests from 1908 until 1910. During his first two years with the Club, he played in Reserve Grade. In 1910 Wests used thirty eight players in First Grade. There was a high attrition rate due to injuries and players not continuing to play.

By the end of the season, Wests had to coopt a number of players from Reserve Grade and the junior competition to fill its ranks. Frank Healey received his chance in round twelve and played the final three rounds of the competition.

Frank and Daisy Healey

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