Edward John “Ray” Hines

Australia Military Forces


BIRTH: 7 April 1912
Gunning, NSW
DEATH: 27 September 1984 Randwick, NSW
DEATH: 27 September 1984
Randwick, NSW

OCCUPATION: Laborer, 1933

RESIDENCE: Burwood Rd Burwood, NSW, 1933


  • Dalton RL 1928, 1929, 1932
  • Gunning RL 1930, 1931, 1932
  • Yass District RL Representative Team 1931
  • Burwood RL 1933 ?
  • Wests RL First Grade 1934, 1936, 1937
  • Wests RL 2nd Grade 1933, 1934, 1936, 1937
  • Wests RL City Cup 1937
  • Maitland RL 1935
  • Newcastle RL v Southern Division RL 1935
  • Country RL Firsts v City RL Firsts 1935
  • NSW RL Firsts v Queensland RL Firsts 1935
  • NSW RL Firsts v Toowoomba RL 1935
  • NSW RL Firsts v NSW Group 1 RL 1935
  • Sydney RL Firsts v NSW Police RL 1936
  • Australia RL Possibles v Australia RL Probables 1937
  • City RL Seconds v Country RL Seconds 1937
  • City RL Firsts v Country RL Firsts 1937
  • Australia RL v New Zealand RL 1935
  • Australia RL v Auckland RL 1935
  • South Sydney RL1938 (Trials)
  • South Sydney RL 1939


Ray Hines was recorded as Raymond Bruce Hines in the Rugby League Project and the South Sydney past players site (ssralmanac). His birth date was 15 August 1914.

However, there is no NSW birth registration for Raymond Bruce Hines within the relevant time period.

A check of birth registrations in NSW indicated that the person born on 15 August 1914, was Raymond Arthur Hines who lived at Concord, NSW in the 1930’s. Ray Hines, the Wests player is neither of these people.

There is a clue in the Rugby League Project indicating that Ray Hines played his junior football at Dalton and Gunning. These towns are located between Goulburn and Yass, NSW.

News articles from 1942 also report that Ray Hines enlisted with the AIF in 1942. Military records showed an enlistment for a Raymond John Hines born on 7 April 1912 at Gunning NSW.  There is no birth registration for that person in NSW. So, who is Ray Hines?

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