Ascencio Joseph “Sen” Black


BIRTH: 1 June 1915
North Fitzroy, Victoria
DEATH: 16 November 1982 Brighton (Mordialloc), Victoria
DEATH: 16 November 1982
Brighton (Mordialloc), Victoria

OCCUPATION: Hotel Manager, 1942: Aircraft Worker, 1949

RESIDENCE: Victoria St Strathfield, NSW, 1933; Mitford St Elwood. Victoria, 1942


  • St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill RU 1931, 1932
  • St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill RU Kentwell Cup 1932
  • P.S. RU v Royal Military College RU 1932
  • Drummoyne RU Trial 1933
  • Wests RL First Grade 1933
  • Wests RL 2nd Grade 1933
  • Wests RL 3rd Grade 1933


Ascencio Black throughout his life was referred to as “Sen” Black. He was born in Victoria but his parents moved to NSW in the 1920’s. Sen was educated at St Joseph’s College at Hunters Hill, NSW.

Identifying him proved difficult as he was always referred to as A. Black or Sen Black. With the assistance of Jim Gray from the St Joseph’s College Old Boys Union, he was able to be identified.

His parents, Robert and Celia Black lived in Victoria St Strathfield while Sen was at St Joseph’s College.

The name Ascencio has a strong family link with Sen’s maternal grandfather also having the same forename.

Ascensio De Freitas was a Portuguese immigrant who arrived in Australia as a young man and eventually became the licensee of the Mechanics’ Hotel and Restaurant in Bourke St Melbourne.

He was described as one of the most charitable citizens of Melbourne. While running his restaurant, he also opened up its doors at 8pm each evening to feed the poor and the homeless.

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