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The Wests Archive web site has been launched and is now live at…..


The web site is the new home of everything related to the history of the Western Suburbs District Rugby League Football Club.

Western Suburbs is a foundation club of the NSW Rugby League and has a long and proud history which dates back to 1908. The Club has achieved honors at the highest level including four First Grade premierships and has developed and provided many players for Australian and State representative teams.

Many will know of the greatest achievements of the Club and the brilliant players that have worn the black and white. But a Club is much more than the few, it is made up of the many players, officials and supporters that have been there during the difficult times as well as the good times.

Wests Ashfield has been a great long term supporter of the Wests Archive and the collection of information and memorabilia is impressive. However much of this is difficult to access and view. So as the world evolves, the availability of digital technology in the form of a web site provides a new opportunity to convey and display much more of Wests history than ever before.

The Holman-Barnes Group have been very generous sponsors of the new Wests Archive web site and with the dedication of Neil Bennett and the Archive team as well as volunteer researchers and historians, the Wests story lives on in great detail with a lot more to come.

So what has been completed and Uploaded to date?


  • Season Summary 1908 to 1999
  • First Grade Overview 1908 to 1999
  • First Grade Competition Tables 1908 to 1999
  • First Grade Player Record by Season 1908 to 1999
  • Summary of Every First Grade Game played 1908 to 1999


  • Primary Information for 600 First Grade Players 1908 to 1960 
  • Player Stories for 250 First Grade Players 
  • Hall of Fame Players
  • Centenary (Heritage Medal) List
  • Magpies Team of the Century
  • Wests Tigers Team of the Century
  • Western Suburbs Team of the 1960’s
  • Western Suburbs Team of the 1970’s
  • List of Wests/Balmain Dual Players
  • Wests Honor Roll for those that Served
  • List of Wests Representative Players


  • Club Achievements
  • Club Records
  • Individual Player Statistics (First Grade)
  • Individual Player Statistics (All Grades)


  • Club Jerseys (Wests)
  • Club Jerseys (Wests Tigers)
  • Club Emblems (Wests)
  • Club Emblems (Wests Tigers)
  • Club Grounds 1910 to 2020
  • Club Coaches  (Wests) 1927 to 1999
  • Magpie History Facts


  • Former Player Submission Form (Under construction)
  • Web Links to Wests Magpies, Wests Tigers, Holman Barnes Group and Pratten Park Magpies created.

What is Coming……

While a significant amount of material has already been uploaded onto the Wests Archive web site, by necessity there will be ongoing and future work that will add even more information. This includes,


  • Researching Primary Information for 450 First Grade Players 1961 to 1999
  • Reformatting and uploading First Grade Player Stories for (150 Players) 1911 to 1917 and 1937 to 1940
  • Research, Writing and Uploading 650 First Grade Player Stories 1941 to 1999


  • The Wests Archive web site provides a platform for the visual display of historic items that are held by the Archive. This section has been structured and some memorabilia has been uploaded

As further information is added to the Wests Archive web site, news posts will be updated to provide details.

Posted 23 January 2024


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